Sales Force Automation Solution

Sales force automation solutions help you to automate the your business task of sales, from order processing to customer management.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions helps to get appropriate critical information as and when required. It also helps to improve operational cost and also reduce cost with integrated mobile voice and data technology.

Mobile Client Application

Our customized mobile client application can easily integrate with the existing system without making any major changes. We provide affordable mobile client application that enables you to grow and increase your field staff efficiency.

Back Office Application

Back office applications are such type of software which can be accessible to outside customers or clients. We provide best back office application that suit your business requirements and effectively manage activities.


You can successfully integrate with our back office applications. Also the application easily gets synched with any in-house developed Master Files contained on database platform like Oracle and/or MS SQL.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Benefits of Zoom SFA Application

A. Proper Sales process:
With Zoom SFA application complete sales process on touch device covering print and preview functionality for typical reports.

B. Ease-of-use: 
Ease of use and great user experience is the first step to attract user attention.

C. Flexible different operations:
Such as either use direct sales, pre-sales, survey or all operations at a go.

D. One time download and upload:
Downloading data from business center for one time and uploading records back to the business center on one time only. This creates ease-of-use for a sales person to be synchronized with distributor. Hence, increase productivity of a sales person.

E. Less data entry:
It is always a complex task for a sales person to input data. Here instead of reentering all the information again, user can create an order, modify and copy same order too, even there’s the feature where sales executive can directly convert order into invoice or can create the order based on suggested information from back office authorized user.

F. Accountability:
Stocks loaded to VAN are managed automatically once it’s approved by sales supervisor for a salesperson.

G. Reliability:
Using GPS navigation, application can track sales person’s during his route and tracks his location on creating each order.

H. Synchronization:
Through Zoom mobile application an email or SMS can be sent on each transaction or targeted type of transaction during customer visit.

I. Customization:
Authorized back office user can enable/disable the functionality of Zoom SFA application for particular sales person, such as direct sales, pre sales, customer promotions, email/sms on each order, GPS, free sample for customer, tax on products, routes, customer scheduling and many more. Similarly for a customer, authorized back office user or Admin can also enable/disable specific functionality.

J. Web solution:
This back office portal is a web application for Zoom SFA mobile app, this tracks all the transactions done by a sales person. The web application is responsible for sending and receiving data from ZooM SFA application and displaying the same data in a web form. Mobile and Web application is connected with the intermediate layer of web services which is the service layer for mobile client application.

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