Sunday, 27 January 2013

Get Affordable Sales Force Automation System

Sales force automation system are the information systems basically used for marketing which can help the different functions of sales. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is an important CRM function that streamlines and enhances the operations of your sales team. It’s also way of using software to do the business tasks of sales, such as order processing, information sharing, van inventory monitoring, order management and tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis etc.

At times, it’s also known as SFA in short. It’s not the standalone solution but work in integrity with the company’s ERP or CRM systems which consists major functions of sales process. There is a SFA system coming with back office portal to assist its mobile sales force automation system SPEC INDIA ‘ZooM’.

Benefits Of Sales Force Automation System

Exploring further , along with above , lot of elements of sales force automation system, such as order management, sales forecasting, customer survey, van inventory management, collection and receipts, product information, promotions offers and discounts management, route management,etc are the part of sales force automation system. Though all above elements fall under sales force automation system it varies, depending on what exact information is required by organization, hence some customizations may be necessary for the smooth aligning the sales force automation system with the current process. They are based on the modifications or additions in the process which are generally not a part of normal SFA solution.

Since last decade there is straight increase in the use of smart phones. Now the organization had felt the real benefits it can have in future using sales force automation system thru smart phones. Starting from windows based handheld, java smart phones to blackberry, android phones tablets, iphones and mini tabs, this all above gadgets are easy to carry and use, great user interface design, excellent networks capability, touch screens for fast and ease of typing, GPS support for tracking salesman on the field, calendar and activity management, reports and dashboards etc.

Using sales force automation system in above gadgets can definitely help salesman in having any data handy when required, increase productivity of sales staff, efficient and effective use of time due to this all features n number of benefits like increase in sales revenue, decrease in cost of product or service, greater customer satisfaction, increase in accuracy of data and calculations, on demand dash board and report generation based on latest uploaded information, generation of daily call report by distributor now no need to visit personally instead that time can be used in field for increasing sales and new customers, MIS reporting can be done immediately rather than daily or weekly as soon as data is uploaded by sales executive from mobile device. This all information helps organization in taking or altering some strategic decisions and policies.

Also it gives sales executives the visibility of what they need to do, and not just selling, but also tries to up sell, properly set customer expectations. Managers and executives get better overall visibility and control with real-time dashboards that allow them to monitor sales effectiveness and make proper corrections.


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