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Sales force automation solutions help you to automate the your business task of sales, from order processing to customer management.

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Enterprise mobility solutions helps to get appropriate critical information as and when required. It also helps to improve operational cost and also reduce cost with integrated mobile voice and data technology.

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Our customized mobile client application can easily integrate with the existing system without making any major changes. We provide affordable mobile client application that enables you to grow and increase your field staff efficiency.

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Friday, 21 February 2014

Faster and Efficient Sales via Field Force Automation

From field force accounting to field force automation - the ultimate motive of Field Force Automation (FFA) is instant access to field information and bridge the gap between the field force and the back office management. An ideal mobile field force automation solution focuses on achieving real-time and accurate information to be passed on from the sales teams onto the organization’s back office system, thereby enabling a view of the desired sales reports right on time.

There are two main arenas of operating any sales force automation system. One is the mobile field force and the other is the back office management team. In enterprise field force automation, every aspect of sales is automated, starting from customer management, information sharing, order processing, route management, inventory management, promotions/discounts, sales forecast analysis and many more.

A sample FFA flow:

A robust mobile order taking application centres on arming the sales team with in-depth insight into the customer, market and social media. It assists in prevention of duplicated efforts and helps cull out the major sales opportunities. Hence, there is a reduction in time delay and enhancement in productivity. Planning of delivery schedules, monitoring and controlling of field staff is executed in a desired manner.

How does FFA work?

In a mobile field force survey, the field sales persons used diverse devices like handheld PDAs, mobile phones, tablets or wireless device to capture the information. This gathered information, either immediately or at the end of the day is transferred to back-end system through wireless internet connectivity. The back office system, as desired by the organizations, extract the information and display the reports as required.

Envisaged Benefits
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of field representatives
  • Increased selling time
  • Reduction in response time between the field team and back office
  • Enhanced and quicker decision making
  • Effective utilization of promotions and discounts
  • Secure and enhanced monitoring of the field staff

SPEC INDIA, the single point solution to all IT queries, an ISO 9001:2008 company, has its kitty full with sales force automation solutions. ZooM is SPEC’s flagship and scalable solution since years, which has been applauded by customers all around the globe. We have numerous implementations of ZooM for many enterprise globally renowned clients. As a value added solution to Zoom, we have VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) and MDM (Mobile Device Management), which are two independent solutions which can be integrated with ZooM to offer a complete solution.

In case you would be interested in knowing about these enterprise offerings of ours, please our site and feel free to write to us at

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