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Sales force automation solutions help you to automate the your business task of sales, from order processing to customer management.

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Enterprise mobility solutions helps to get appropriate critical information as and when required. It also helps to improve operational cost and also reduce cost with integrated mobile voice and data technology.

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Our customized mobile client application can easily integrate with the existing system without making any major changes. We provide affordable mobile client application that enables you to grow and increase your field staff efficiency.

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You can successfully integrate with our back office applications. Also the application easily gets synched with any in-house developed Master Files contained on database platform like Oracle and/or MS SQL.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Mobile Order Tracking In SFA - A Must Have

With organizations embarking on sales force automation, Mobile Order Tracking is an inevitable requirement for any FMCG company which is involved in sales through field force / sales persons. It is almost impossible to track accurate day to day sales of the field staff through manual processing. Order tracking software is usually used to automate the processes of sales, inventory, customer management, survey, sales tracking and customer communication.

Why is Mobile Order Tracking vital?

It is necessary because the manual tracking
  • Does not contain inventory transactions in mobile applications, instead, they are performed manually on paper.
  • Involves complex calculations difficult for the salesman to compute on time.
  • Chances of information loss because of hard documents
  • No tracking possible
  • Needs more resources, hence costs more
  • Less security since it is difficult to trace the accountable head

How will Mobile Order Tracking Help?

 It is imperative to have a mobile order tracking application with features and functionalists which can be utilized by the salesman to perform their day to day sales effectively and efficiently. As all organizations have their own back office , it provides integration of the mobile application with their legacy / CRM / ERP application. It also provides total information of customers, routes, sales history and many other Help-to-Sell features which enables salesman to perform efficiently and improve sales and performance. One of the prime requirements is to captures the orders and sales data details during sales hours and transfers the transactions to the back office for further integration and transmission to other systems. 

Today, there are multiple mobile SFA applications but it is a tough task to judge the better one. There are certain parameters based on which you can ascertain an ideal Mobile Order Tracking application. Let us have a glance through the major ones:
  • Experience in Sales Force Automation
  • Focus on closing business deals instead of wasting time on paper work
  • Enhancement in company-client relations
  • Enables management to identify and address weak areas
  • Meets client requirements and expectations
  • Thorough feedback and survey process
  • Covers all types of core business viz. Presales, Direct Sales and Survey
  • Real time reporting and analytics available
ZooM, SPEC INDIA’s flagship SFA solution, is already successfully implemented at different customer locations and is widely and popularly accepted. It is available on Windows Mobile and Android OS. Possessing a variety of business models like SaaS, Buyout with unlimited users, Buyout with Fixed number of users etc, our Mobile Order Tracking application is tightly integrated with its back office and is fully capable of providing all the features an ideal SFA solution should possess, as mentioned above. Do get in touch with us and we can arrange for a demonstration.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Faster and Efficient Sales via Field Force Automation

From field force accounting to field force automation - the ultimate motive of Field Force Automation (FFA) is instant access to field information and bridge the gap between the field force and the back office management. An ideal mobile field force automation solution focuses on achieving real-time and accurate information to be passed on from the sales teams onto the organization’s back office system, thereby enabling a view of the desired sales reports right on time.

There are two main arenas of operating any sales force automation system. One is the mobile field force and the other is the back office management team. In enterprise field force automation, every aspect of sales is automated, starting from customer management, information sharing, order processing, route management, inventory management, promotions/discounts, sales forecast analysis and many more.

A sample FFA flow:

A robust mobile order taking application centres on arming the sales team with in-depth insight into the customer, market and social media. It assists in prevention of duplicated efforts and helps cull out the major sales opportunities. Hence, there is a reduction in time delay and enhancement in productivity. Planning of delivery schedules, monitoring and controlling of field staff is executed in a desired manner.

How does FFA work?

In a mobile field force survey, the field sales persons used diverse devices like handheld PDAs, mobile phones, tablets or wireless device to capture the information. This gathered information, either immediately or at the end of the day is transferred to back-end system through wireless internet connectivity. The back office system, as desired by the organizations, extract the information and display the reports as required.

Envisaged Benefits
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of field representatives
  • Increased selling time
  • Reduction in response time between the field team and back office
  • Enhanced and quicker decision making
  • Effective utilization of promotions and discounts
  • Secure and enhanced monitoring of the field staff

SPEC INDIA, the single point solution to all IT queries, an ISO 9001:2008 company, has its kitty full with sales force automation solutions. ZooM is SPEC’s flagship and scalable solution since years, which has been applauded by customers all around the globe. We have numerous implementations of ZooM for many enterprise globally renowned clients. As a value added solution to Zoom, we have VTS (Vehicle Tracking System) and MDM (Mobile Device Management), which are two independent solutions which can be integrated with ZooM to offer a complete solution.

In case you would be interested in knowing about these enterprise offerings of ours, please our site and feel free to write to us at

Friday, 16 August 2013

Field Force Automation

Field force automation is a process to utilize your resources efficiently, to increase business productivity and better service to customers by providing relevant access of mobile application to the field sales team.

Field Force Automation provides following benefits:
  • Improves workforce productivity
  • Increases business revenue
  • Quick customer service
  • Improvement in customer service levels
  • Provides way to track field force
  • Inventory control
  • Reduce cost
  • No paper work
  • Ability to work in offline mode / without network connectivity

This involves the use of technology, typically with the help of mobile phones or tablets to carry out the tasks at the customers place as well as to track the field sale people. The transactional data is transferred to back office systems through wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G, satellite or GPRS). This instant transfer of data reduces time delays, avoids data errors and enhances field force productivity. From operation point of view, it helps to plan the delivery schedules, to reduce the inventory and to monitor and to control the field force. The biggest challenge in mobile field force automation is in developing a simple, but user friendly, user interface for the hand held device /smart phones/ mobiles having ease of use with great features.

Android mobile SFA developed by SPEC INDIA achieves this by providing user friendly and rich GUI. It has following features:
 • Route Assignment
Routes can be assigned to the distributor and from the distributor to the field force, by this way indirectly assigning distributor to the mobile field force team, thus smoothing route assignment and avoiding multiple sales persons working on the same route. So if in case, such a business scenario occurs then multiple sales persons can also be managed to assign on the same route. It solely depends on how you want to configure it according to your business.

• Start / End Route Info
Whenever sales person starts working, he can perform start route operation. His “Route start” information, route number, attendance, vehicle information can be noted and whenever he ends route, route end time and attendance end time will be noted. Moreover during end route, sales person need to deposit collections, specify reason for not serving some customers as well as to provide the end kilometer information too.

• Customer data Management
Incase if the customer master information has changed then sales person can edit or can create a new customer on fly in the field. This edited information can be easily sync with back office when transferred.

• Order/Sales
This is the most vital feature provided in this application. Sales person can take orders from customers and instantly upload it to back office. So the user at back office can arrange for the required packaging of the order & can verify its item stock. Besides these order/sales, return is also possible and managed similarly. Sales person can generate on field instant printed invoices.

• VAN stock management
Based on the sales / return, VAN stock will be calculated in the mobile application.

• Client Survey and Feedback
Again important feature to know the customer feeling about product and service, there is a special feature to take the customer feedback during daily sales activities as well as take surveys, get customer responses to different promotional offers etc.

• Customer scheduled and sequence change
In device, all the customers, which are scheduled to be served for the selected route or service date will be listed in customer screen, guiding mobile team to serve customers. Sales person can also change sequence as per his convenience and upload it to back office so next time customers will be listed in the correct sequence as per geographical location and other dependent parameters.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mobile Based Van Sales Application

Mobile Van Sales (MVS) is the process of loading goods from distribution centre into the VAN and delivering goods to the customer with the help of mobile application features. It is also called as Direct Store Delivery which means to sell and distribute goods directly to point of sales (PoS) or point of consumption (PoC), bypassing any retailer or wholesaler logistics and thereby assisting the customer with the prompt service. In addition to delivery of goods, it includes the features like order taking, creating invoices, printing reports and getting electronic signature of the customer, inventory management etc.

Mobile Van Sales (MVS) centralizes distribution activities, as delivery of goods is done directly at the point of demand. The Mobile Van Sales application helps in numerous ways, likewise it helps to increase the number of visits to the customers which eventually increases the revenue. As manual processes are replaced by the automatic system, data entry process and management cost reduces drastically. It provides the valuable business insight to the organization which assists the management to move ahead with strategic business decisions. This system provides real time tracking of sales person movements with the help of GPS, latest up-to-date information of the customers, item pricing and stock availability etc. Also, with this kind of sales force automation mobile application, sales person can visualize his pending tasks, can take the customer feedback, can view the customer messages and can take customer survey etc.

MVS process commences and finishes at the distribution centre. Sales person starts the route by entering VAN information, performs Load Products operation (loading goods from the distribution centre in to VAN), serves the customer one by one on that particular route & then at the end of day he performs end route operation. Also, he can print daily call report which shows all the invoices, collections and visited customer details as summarized information. Based on this entire activity, sales person will know about the total sales done and come to know about the remaining sales target to achieve. Finally during the end of the day, he can return the products/goods to the distribution center in case of excess stock or bad products/goods received from the customers, this activity is known as unload product operation.

Most importantly, Mobile Van Sales system will benefit the customers in terms of prompt deliveries, real time generated invoices and collection reports which are more than enough to satisfy the customer. Automated scheduled customer information saves lot of time, efforts and cost for the organization. On the other end, back-office users will get real-time update of sales and order information. This will help them to analyze and plan deliveries efficiently and effectively.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Benefits of Zoom SFA Application

A. Proper Sales process:
With Zoom SFA application complete sales process on touch device covering print and preview functionality for typical reports.

B. Ease-of-use: 
Ease of use and great user experience is the first step to attract user attention.

C. Flexible different operations:
Such as either use direct sales, pre-sales, survey or all operations at a go.

D. One time download and upload:
Downloading data from business center for one time and uploading records back to the business center on one time only. This creates ease-of-use for a sales person to be synchronized with distributor. Hence, increase productivity of a sales person.

E. Less data entry:
It is always a complex task for a sales person to input data. Here instead of reentering all the information again, user can create an order, modify and copy same order too, even there’s the feature where sales executive can directly convert order into invoice or can create the order based on suggested information from back office authorized user.

F. Accountability:
Stocks loaded to VAN are managed automatically once it’s approved by sales supervisor for a salesperson.

G. Reliability:
Using GPS navigation, application can track sales person’s during his route and tracks his location on creating each order.

H. Synchronization:
Through Zoom mobile application an email or SMS can be sent on each transaction or targeted type of transaction during customer visit.

I. Customization:
Authorized back office user can enable/disable the functionality of Zoom SFA application for particular sales person, such as direct sales, pre sales, customer promotions, email/sms on each order, GPS, free sample for customer, tax on products, routes, customer scheduling and many more. Similarly for a customer, authorized back office user or Admin can also enable/disable specific functionality.

J. Web solution:
This back office portal is a web application for Zoom SFA mobile app, this tracks all the transactions done by a sales person. The web application is responsible for sending and receiving data from ZooM SFA application and displaying the same data in a web form. Mobile and Web application is connected with the intermediate layer of web services which is the service layer for mobile client application.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

ZooM - Mobile Sales Force Automation Application

Sales force automation is essential for any company dealing in sales and distribution activities to increase their sales revenue in today’s competitive market. Sales force automation application helps the organization to speed up sales process, increase customer satisfaction, avoid any manual paper work and increase company revenue.

"ZooM" - Mobile Sales Application:

SPEC INDIA has launched "ZooM" mobile sales force automation application which is compatible for various Android, Windows mobile 6.5 and J2ME based smartphones, tables and handheld devices.

ZooM Android/Windows mobile application helps a business to manage Pre-sales and Direct sales activities. It identifies sales opportunity and completes the transactions without any paper work. It also identifies customer satisfaction via on filed survey facility. It helps salesperson to create order/invoice easily and upload to back-office portal. It also helps to easily manage and offer current Promotions. "ZooM" Mobile application support different types of promotions like "%" off, amount off, Buy X Get Y free, Buy X Pay for y promotions which are defined in back-office portal.

It also help salesperson to view POINT OF SALES stock information at customer end, which will help back-office application for creating suggested order. Application also keeps track of customer’s pending invoices and its credit limit. Using "ZooM" application salesperson can create acknowledges receipt for payments/amounts collected from customer/retailer via cash, check or credit card. "ZooM" mobile application provides features to print Order/Invoices etc document using mobile printer via blue-tooth connection. It also provides an auto-backup functionality to automatically take backup of mobile database to external memory card. Salesperson can restore database in case if he loses data."ZooM" also helps salesperson to manage customer sequence on route each route.

"Zoom" application is very powerful application for "Direct Sales" business. It helps manage VAN Inventory and helps salesperson to manage sales easily. It helps picker and salesperson to save time during loading items in VAN with advance request load. "ZooM" android application works onvarious Android enabled smartphones and tablest.

"ZooM" - Back-office Portal:

"ZooM" back-office portal manages Master Data and its assignment. It also enables backoffice to track salesperson during their visit via GPS Map. It displays "REAL TIME" data in different formats in Dashboard. Dashboard contains all MIS data to evaluate sales business via visual representation. "ZooM" back-office portal manages User hierarchy e.g National Manager, Area Manager, Sales Manager, Sales man etc. "ZooM" back-office portal is a highly flexible and configurable application based on any business type. There are various Reports available to show-case sales/returns with different filter combinations. ZooM portal helps backoffice to evaluate Sales growth periodically. ZooM portal also offers an "Export To Excel" functionality to import the repots to Excel for further analysis.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Get Affordable Sales Force Automation System

Sales force automation system are the information systems basically used for marketing which can help the different functions of sales. Sales Force Automation (SFA) is an important CRM function that streamlines and enhances the operations of your sales team. It’s also way of using software to do the business tasks of sales, such as order processing, information sharing, van inventory monitoring, order management and tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis etc.

At times, it’s also known as SFA in short. It’s not the standalone solution but work in integrity with the company’s ERP or CRM systems which consists major functions of sales process. There is a SFA system coming with back office portal to assist its mobile sales force automation system SPEC INDIA ‘ZooM’.

Benefits Of Sales Force Automation System

Exploring further , along with above , lot of elements of sales force automation system, such as order management, sales forecasting, customer survey, van inventory management, collection and receipts, product information, promotions offers and discounts management, route management,etc are the part of sales force automation system. Though all above elements fall under sales force automation system it varies, depending on what exact information is required by organization, hence some customizations may be necessary for the smooth aligning the sales force automation system with the current process. They are based on the modifications or additions in the process which are generally not a part of normal SFA solution.

Since last decade there is straight increase in the use of smart phones. Now the organization had felt the real benefits it can have in future using sales force automation system thru smart phones. Starting from windows based handheld, java smart phones to blackberry, android phones tablets, iphones and mini tabs, this all above gadgets are easy to carry and use, great user interface design, excellent networks capability, touch screens for fast and ease of typing, GPS support for tracking salesman on the field, calendar and activity management, reports and dashboards etc.

Using sales force automation system in above gadgets can definitely help salesman in having any data handy when required, increase productivity of sales staff, efficient and effective use of time due to this all features n number of benefits like increase in sales revenue, decrease in cost of product or service, greater customer satisfaction, increase in accuracy of data and calculations, on demand dash board and report generation based on latest uploaded information, generation of daily call report by distributor now no need to visit personally instead that time can be used in field for increasing sales and new customers, MIS reporting can be done immediately rather than daily or weekly as soon as data is uploaded by sales executive from mobile device. This all information helps organization in taking or altering some strategic decisions and policies.

Also it gives sales executives the visibility of what they need to do, and not just selling, but also tries to up sell, properly set customer expectations. Managers and executives get better overall visibility and control with real-time dashboards that allow them to monitor sales effectiveness and make proper corrections.

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