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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

ZooM - Mobile Sales Force Automation Application

Sales force automation is essential for any company dealing in sales and distribution activities to increase their sales revenue in today’s competitive market. Sales force automation application helps the organization to speed up sales process, increase customer satisfaction, avoid any manual paper work and increase company revenue.

"ZooM" - Mobile Sales Application:

SPEC INDIA has launched "ZooM" mobile sales force automation application which is compatible for various Android, Windows mobile 6.5 and J2ME based smartphones, tables and handheld devices.

ZooM Android/Windows mobile application helps a business to manage Pre-sales and Direct sales activities. It identifies sales opportunity and completes the transactions without any paper work. It also identifies customer satisfaction via on filed survey facility. It helps salesperson to create order/invoice easily and upload to back-office portal. It also helps to easily manage and offer current Promotions. "ZooM" Mobile application support different types of promotions like "%" off, amount off, Buy X Get Y free, Buy X Pay for y promotions which are defined in back-office portal.

It also help salesperson to view POINT OF SALES stock information at customer end, which will help back-office application for creating suggested order. Application also keeps track of customer’s pending invoices and its credit limit. Using "ZooM" application salesperson can create acknowledges receipt for payments/amounts collected from customer/retailer via cash, check or credit card. "ZooM" mobile application provides features to print Order/Invoices etc document using mobile printer via blue-tooth connection. It also provides an auto-backup functionality to automatically take backup of mobile database to external memory card. Salesperson can restore database in case if he loses data."ZooM" also helps salesperson to manage customer sequence on route each route.

"Zoom" application is very powerful application for "Direct Sales" business. It helps manage VAN Inventory and helps salesperson to manage sales easily. It helps picker and salesperson to save time during loading items in VAN with advance request load. "ZooM" android application works onvarious Android enabled smartphones and tablest.

"ZooM" - Back-office Portal:

"ZooM" back-office portal manages Master Data and its assignment. It also enables backoffice to track salesperson during their visit via GPS Map. It displays "REAL TIME" data in different formats in Dashboard. Dashboard contains all MIS data to evaluate sales business via visual representation. "ZooM" back-office portal manages User hierarchy e.g National Manager, Area Manager, Sales Manager, Sales man etc. "ZooM" back-office portal is a highly flexible and configurable application based on any business type. There are various Reports available to show-case sales/returns with different filter combinations. ZooM portal helps backoffice to evaluate Sales growth periodically. ZooM portal also offers an "Export To Excel" functionality to import the repots to Excel for further analysis.

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