Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mobile Based Van Sales Application

Mobile Van Sales (MVS) is the process of loading goods from distribution centre into the VAN and delivering goods to the customer with the help of mobile application features. It is also called as Direct Store Delivery which means to sell and distribute goods directly to point of sales (PoS) or point of consumption (PoC), bypassing any retailer or wholesaler logistics and thereby assisting the customer with the prompt service. In addition to delivery of goods, it includes the features like order taking, creating invoices, printing reports and getting electronic signature of the customer, inventory management etc.

Mobile Van Sales (MVS) centralizes distribution activities, as delivery of goods is done directly at the point of demand. The Mobile Van Sales application helps in numerous ways, likewise it helps to increase the number of visits to the customers which eventually increases the revenue. As manual processes are replaced by the automatic system, data entry process and management cost reduces drastically. It provides the valuable business insight to the organization which assists the management to move ahead with strategic business decisions. This system provides real time tracking of sales person movements with the help of GPS, latest up-to-date information of the customers, item pricing and stock availability etc. Also, with this kind of sales force automation mobile application, sales person can visualize his pending tasks, can take the customer feedback, can view the customer messages and can take customer survey etc.

MVS process commences and finishes at the distribution centre. Sales person starts the route by entering VAN information, performs Load Products operation (loading goods from the distribution centre in to VAN), serves the customer one by one on that particular route & then at the end of day he performs end route operation. Also, he can print daily call report which shows all the invoices, collections and visited customer details as summarized information. Based on this entire activity, sales person will know about the total sales done and come to know about the remaining sales target to achieve. Finally during the end of the day, he can return the products/goods to the distribution center in case of excess stock or bad products/goods received from the customers, this activity is known as unload product operation.

Most importantly, Mobile Van Sales system will benefit the customers in terms of prompt deliveries, real time generated invoices and collection reports which are more than enough to satisfy the customer. Automated scheduled customer information saves lot of time, efforts and cost for the organization. On the other end, back-office users will get real-time update of sales and order information. This will help them to analyze and plan deliveries efficiently and effectively.


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