Monday, 28 July 2014

Mobile Order Tracking In SFA - A Must Have

With organizations embarking on sales force automation, Mobile Order Tracking is an inevitable requirement for any FMCG company which is involved in sales through field force / sales persons. It is almost impossible to track accurate day to day sales of the field staff through manual processing. Order tracking software is usually used to automate the processes of sales, inventory, customer management, survey, sales tracking and customer communication.

Why is Mobile Order Tracking vital?

It is necessary because the manual tracking
  • Does not contain inventory transactions in mobile applications, instead, they are performed manually on paper.
  • Involves complex calculations difficult for the salesman to compute on time.
  • Chances of information loss because of hard documents
  • No tracking possible
  • Needs more resources, hence costs more
  • Less security since it is difficult to trace the accountable head

How will Mobile Order Tracking Help?

 It is imperative to have a mobile order tracking application with features and functionalists which can be utilized by the salesman to perform their day to day sales effectively and efficiently. As all organizations have their own back office , it provides integration of the mobile application with their legacy / CRM / ERP application. It also provides total information of customers, routes, sales history and many other Help-to-Sell features which enables salesman to perform efficiently and improve sales and performance. One of the prime requirements is to captures the orders and sales data details during sales hours and transfers the transactions to the back office for further integration and transmission to other systems. 

Today, there are multiple mobile SFA applications but it is a tough task to judge the better one. There are certain parameters based on which you can ascertain an ideal Mobile Order Tracking application. Let us have a glance through the major ones:
  • Experience in Sales Force Automation
  • Focus on closing business deals instead of wasting time on paper work
  • Enhancement in company-client relations
  • Enables management to identify and address weak areas
  • Meets client requirements and expectations
  • Thorough feedback and survey process
  • Covers all types of core business viz. Presales, Direct Sales and Survey
  • Real time reporting and analytics available
ZooM, SPEC INDIA’s flagship SFA solution, is already successfully implemented at different customer locations and is widely and popularly accepted. It is available on Windows Mobile and Android OS. Possessing a variety of business models like SaaS, Buyout with unlimited users, Buyout with Fixed number of users etc, our Mobile Order Tracking application is tightly integrated with its back office and is fully capable of providing all the features an ideal SFA solution should possess, as mentioned above. Do get in touch with us and we can arrange for a demonstration.


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